Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Stricklins finally have moved back into their own home after having been "Iked." Abby and Sam spent most of the day with us last Saturday so that Gay & Don could concentrate on packing the last-minute things and dealing with the movers.

We started our day at Flippin Out - the bounce place in Pearland. After about 20 minutes, the kids started complaining that they were bored. (We won't be going back there!) Turns out that someone wanted to come see our house anyway, so we left so that I could get home and straighten up a little more to be sure the house was 'show-ready.' Luckily, Will was able to get home and take care of that for us, so the kids and I headed straight for Chuck E Cheese. They were all 'starrrrrving!'

After being away from the house for the allotted amount of time, we went home. The girls played hotel, complete with a candy counter. McIver and Sam watched a movie and played well together. Then, they all headed outside to build the fort of all forts...

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