Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Break 2009 - Part 2

Olivia and McIver could not resist the hottub on our very first day in Vail. They just thought it was hilarious that we would be in our bathing suits in a hot tub with snow all around. McIver made this attempt at making a snow angel in his bathing suit, but the snow 'burned' too much.

Dawn & David's little boy, Andrew, is a cutie! And this may be the first and last time that these boys were this close and this happy at the same time. That's not really true, but it felt like we were having to run interference quite a bit. We've got our fingers crossed that in a year's time, before our next get-together, they will outgrow whatever issues they have with each other. Olivia loved being able to play the moderator/instigator between the two of the them.

The weather was absolutely perfect for skiing. It didn't take too long for me to get my 'ski legs' back. I moved from the green (easy) slopes to blue (more difficult) before lunch on the first day. I even managed to try a black (very difficult) without incident. The guys took off pretty soon to hit the tougher slopes. Dawn was very patient with me and could tell which runs would not be too hard for me. I have since been convinced that I'll need a lesson during our next trip to 'take me to the next level' so that I can keep up with Olivia and McIver!
Dawn and me waiting for the guys to meet us for apres-ski before picking the kids up from ski school
Here we are on St. Patrick's Day at Belle's Camp - this was Spring Break central for lots of crazy kids. It was people-watching at its finest!

Dawn snapped this picture at the bottom of my first black slope of the week. Later, after managing some much-tougher slopes, Dawn confessed that this was a pretty wimpy black.

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