Tuesday, March 31, 2009

McIver Rode his Bike!!!

Olivia and I went for a quick bike ride late this afternoon. When we got home, Will and McIver were in the street practicing on McIver's bike. I watched the live action for a while to be sure this was for real, then ran in to get the camera. That is one proud little boy!

He still needs a little help getting started.
But once his feet are up, he's off! Will had already been on a run today and ended up getting another workout chasing after McIver.

Olivia was so proud of her little brother. They even ended up riding all the way around the block with no falls.

In other news...
Olivia decided that she'd like to try some salad and pad thai which we were having for dinner. I was so proud that she's branching out and trying new things. Then it occurred to me that she's just growing up. She read an entire chapter of her new library book, got herself all ready for bed, wanted to use our 'grown-up toothpaste' and even asked to floss. (Uncle Robert will be so proud!) I think I've been trying to hold on to my little girl lately and I'm finally beginning to come to terms with the idea that she's just growing up.

... and she liked it!

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