Saturday, July 25, 2009

Amelia Island - Tuesday

I spent Tuesday morning in The Spa getting a warm-stone massage.  It was absolutely the most decadent thing I have ever done.  I was able to take advantage of all the spa amenities all day because of my early-morning treatment ... the spa pool with the super-comfy chairs, relaxation lounge, sauna, etc.  Will spent his time on the driving range and then played golf in the afternoon.  There wasn't much picture-taking to be had since we spent most of the day apart, but we both certainly had good days.

We met up for dinner at Salt, the hotel's 5-star restaurant.  We were one of only a few tables so we had great service (which I'm sure we would have had no matter how many people were there).  We were treated to a glass of bubbly in celebration of our many 'events.'   The 'salt sommelier' introduced us to 5 or 6 different flavors of salt, jalapeno, vanilla, and others.  Rather than order dinner from the menu, we chose to have the 'Chef's Adventure' menu where you don't know what they'll bring.  Everything was delicious until (wait for it....), they brought antelope for the entree!  It was a bit rare for my taste, but I tasted it anyway.  It was okay, but I would have preferred seafood.  

Here we are on the lawn, again, waiting for our table.
A sampling of the salts.
Dinner was delicious!  That's sashimi on a block of salt.  The longer the fish was on the salt, the saltier it tasted (and the better it tasted, if you ask me!).

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