Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Amelia Island - Wednesday & Thursday

Our last two days in Amelia Island were as relaxing as the rest.  I don't have any pictures from Wednesday because it was more of the same - beach, pool, resting, reading, snacking.  Will played golf again with Flynn in the afternoon.  Then, his wife, Lori, met us at the hotel and we all had a drink together on our (oversized!) balcony before heading to dinner at The Surf.  Dinner was delicious and the scene led to some good people-watching on the dance floor.  Lori took the only pictures we have of the night so I'll have to get them from her and add them to this post later.  

After my massage on Tuesday, I convinced Will that we should get a couples massage.  Turns out that there's really no reason to do it together (there was no talking, I think he even fell asleep), other than maybe so that you can stick to a vacation schedule (which we did not have!).  Anyway, we ventured down to The Spa on Thursday morning.  There was a scheduling conflict on their end so we spent the morning relaxing at The Spa pool again.  (Will actually had to take care of some work stuff so he wasn't quite as relaxed as I was.  Good thing we got the massages after his work-induced headache!)   

If you haven't had a massage before, you may not know that you're pretty much useless afterwards.  You just end up so relaxed you can barely complete a sentence.  So, we packed a cooler and savored our last afternoon on the beach.  The humidity had settled in so the pictures are a little foggy.  That certainly did not detract from our relaxation efforts!

Once it started getting chilly (and, the cooler was empty), we decided it was time to get ready for dinner at PLaE (People Laughing and Eating).  They had the "chef's pick" for dinner, but we opted out of that with the hope of avoiding another non-seafood entree.  The best part was probably the applewood-bacon scallop appetizer.  We were the only people eating out on the deck which overlooked the golf course at Amelia Island Plantation.  Our waiter was happy to snap a quick picture.  (It's from my phone so is not the best quality.)

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