Saturday, July 11, 2009

Skipping Around

Things have been a whirlwind since we left Houston.  The kids and I had a longer than expected trip to Mobile on Sunday when we left town.  After a slight detour through (and past) New Orleans, we made it to Mobile in time for the kids to swim in the pool and then hit the sack.  Olivia took two showers in the 9 hours that we were at the hotel.  After a big breakfast on Monday morning, we checked out and had a very uneventful drive to Macon.  Olivia and McIver were complete and total troopers during our drive.  

We had just enough time in Macon to visit with Grandma Janet and Grandma Myrtle and load up some furniture from each of them and Nanoo's house to bring to Columbia.  Will drove all the way from Houston to Macon on Wednesday.  Mom and I left Macon early Thursday morning with the plan to unload the van as best we could before the Mayflower truck arrived about 3:30pm.  Turns out that Will, the kids, Pop, Cacoo and Fielding ALL beat the truck which didn't arrive until 7:pm.  They unloaded until 12:30pm and then we all crashed.

Friday and the 4th of July weekend were a blur of unpacking.  Nanoo was a workhorse and managed to oversee all unpacking.  Pop disappeared to Walmart, Target and several grocery stores to be sure we had everything we needed to get started - cleaning supplies, lazy susans, bath mats, roasting pans for our July 4th dinner and more.  Thanks, Nanoo and Pop!  Cacoo & Fielding took the kids to the Riverbanks Zoo one day (even though Catherine wasn't feeling too well).  

It has taken a while to get our internet service hooked up, but things seem to be back on track now.  I'm skipping around because our move-in pictures are on the other computer.  Coming up are picture of our trip to Myrtle Beach over the last few days...

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