Friday, July 31, 2009

Visit in Greenville - The Nixons

We were really looking forward to our visit with the Nixons.  Olivia and Emma were best buddies when we lived in Greenville.  Stacy & I took them to Meadors Sandwich Shop (which, sadly, no longer exists) just about once a week when they were little.  Once the boys came along, we took them, too.  Anyway, Olivia was super-excited to see Emma.  It took them about 2.3 seconds to hit it off and head into Emma's room to play.

Stacy and Bryant put together a cook-out on the fly for us (we didn't give them much notice that we were coming to town).  Everything was delicious.  We fed the kids first and then we had a chance to visit while the kids put together a 'show' for us.  Afterwards, everyone had a popsicle treat.

McIver and Sam have had a love-not-so-much-love relationship over the years.  McIver has always been a bit rougher than Sam, but the language of the Bakugan brought everyone together.  They ran off to play as soon as we got out of the car.  During the 'show,' though, Sam accidentally hit McIver with a drumstick.  Tears, screaming and yelling ensued.  But, 5 minutes later, they were in the kitchen having their treat.  McIver asked me if Sam had blond hair.  When I told him yes, he said:  Wow, Sam.  We both have blond hair and orange popsicles.  I guess we can be buddies after all.  

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