Saturday, May 22, 2010

Final T-Ball Game

Once Olivia's soccer game ended, we high-tailed it over to the baseball fields.  Today was also the championship game so the fields were packed with players and fans, loud music and tons of food.  Apparently, our players were more focused on the first game than the second.

McIver was sitting on the bench with another boy when we walked up.  Turns out he was in a little bit of a time-out because he wasn't listening to his coach.  (In McIver's defence, I later found out that another player was hounding him and kept throwing his water bottle over the dugout fence and he was just more concerned with his new water bottle than with the game.)

He did end up going out into the field.  But, he wasn't really interested in the game - as evidenced by the fact that his back was to the batter for most of the time.

Will joined McIver in the dugout to try to keep him focused.  Two games in a row really is asking a lot of kids this age.

In t-ball, players get 5 pitches from the coach and then, if they don't hit the ball, they get to use the tee.  McIver has only hit off the tee one time all season.  He had another great hit today and smiled big for me from first base.

After retrieving his water bottle for the umpteenth time, he discovered that he could use the lid as a little cup.

Finally, trophy time!

What a sweet picture of my boys!

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