Friday, May 28, 2010

McIver's End of Year Program

McIver's school held its first End Of Year Program on Wednesday.  They were careful to call it a program, NOT a 'graduation,' and I'm so glad.  I've always thought preschool 'graduations' with caps and gowns were a little much.  But that's just me.

Anyway, here's McIver with his teacher waiting to process into the outdoor chapel at school.

Up on the altar, each class lined up, and sang a few songs.  They listened to a poem that the three lead kindergarten teachers had written to commemorate the year.  They talked about knowing our children, their students, and that was the point that I teared up a little bit.

McIver with his teacher, Mrs. Butler

McIver hasn't had to easiest year, but I really do feel like his teachers didn't let his (sometimes completely impulsive and unnerving) behavior distract them from the job at hand.  He remembers the year as one of great fun and lots of learning.  He almost cried on the way home from school when he realized he would not be seeing these teachers anymore. 

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