Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Olivia's Class Party

Olivia's 2nd grade class had a sort of field day to celebrate the end of school.  Kids took their bikes to school to ride around campus.  They also took the canoes out onto the pond.  My class was having Water Day on our playground which is near the pond so I kept an eye out for someone to pass my camera to.  She did a great job of getting some pictures of Olivia for me.

Are they cute, or what!?
(Leah, on the left, was also on Olivia's soccer team.)

Canoeing is harder work than they thought.  Olivia said they got caught up in a tree near the edge of the pond.

Back on terra firma.

And, I couldn't resist snapping of picture of my boy on his way back from the outdoor chapel.

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