Thursday, May 6, 2010

Taylor Swift Concert

We were lucky enough to know the right people last week.  Someone who works with Will had five extra tickets to the Taylor Swift concert and asked Will if we'd be interested.  Will decided to sit out the concert so that Olivia could bring some friends.  We asked Maggie and her mom (who we had just spent last weekend with at the lake) and another friend from school.

The girls came home from school with us and spent a few hours listening to Taylor songs in Olivia's room and decorating our car with window markers.  

(Olivia and Julia had done the same thing before the Miley concert so it only seemed right to do it again for the Taylor Swift concert.)

Last-minute primping before we left the house.

Dinner at Montereys in the Vista.  These were some pumped up little girls!

We ran into some people we knew and asked them to take a picture of our little group.

Taylor made her way into the audience after a costume change.  Meg gathered the girls around her like a mama hen so they could see Taylor around all the people who crowded in front of us.  They were so excited to see her so close.

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