Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 2 with the Stricklins

We took our time waking up and making a plan for Thursday.  Really, there wasn't much planning - just some organizing and packing up.  (And, calming of my nerves because I didn't believe we could get everything up to the lake in just one trip - in addition to the Stricklins' luggage, our bags, groceries/cooler and the children, we also had four large boxes of new deck furniture from Nanoo & Pop, PLUS we had to stop by Lowe's to pick up two more boxes of chairs.  The good news is that it all worked out and we now have plenty of seating/eating space on the deck.  Thanks, Pop and Nanoo!)

I guess Olivia needs a camera for her birthday or Christmas.  She snapped this pic of Will and Don on Thursday morning.  She also took one of me, but since I'm the editor of this little blog, I get to choose which pictures are posted!

We decided on lunch at the Palmetto Pig - a full-on Southern buffet with SC barbecue so Gay & Don could get a taste of what we were talking about when we lived in Houston and craved mustard-based, pulled pork barbecue.

We spent many hours floating in the lake and just catching up.  The guys rode jet skis and pulled the kids on the tube.  Will also started what would end up to be 10+ pounds of boiled peanuts.  

Heading to the Rusty Anchor for 'snacks' for the kids.

McIver feeding the ducks at the Rusty Anchor.

Don & Gay enjoying RA's tasty frozen lemonade.

Really, McIver ... meditating on the sunset cruise!?

The Girls - if only Abby had been there!

Olivia is a BIG fan those cheese sticks.

Me & the kids

Our family

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