Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 3 with the Stricklins

Nanoo, Pop, Cacoo and her friend, Amy, drove up to the lake on Friday.  Olivia and McIver had just seen them, but Will and I were so excited spend some time with them and to introduce them to Gay and Don.  It's hard to believe that we were in Houston for four years and were never able to get them together.  

This is pretty much how we spent most of the weekend.

I think this was the most relaxed most of us have been for a good little while.

Will giving Don the jet ski tutorial.

It was just too hot to be anywhere but in the water.  This also explains why there are so few pictures once we got to the lake.

After another full day in the lake, we got cleaned up and cruised over to the Rusty Anchor for dinner.  Olivia, of course, wanted to be wherever Cacoo and Amy were.

McIver, on the other hand, got tired of all the chit-chat and went to sit at the bar with his Shirley Temple.  It should also be noted that McIver tried calamari for the first time ... and liked it.

So, Saturday was more of the same - hanging out in the lake, eating boiled peanuts, visiting with Nanoo and Pop, playing Mexican Train dominoes and Pass the Pigs (thanks, Gay, we're still loving all the fun games!), wishing Sam & Abby could have been with us and putting together the table and chairs that Pop gave us for the deck (truth be told, that was mostly Pop, with a little help at the end from Gay and me).  We ate at the house on Saturday night (delicious hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill) and just took it easy.

The Kehls left pretty early on Sunday morning and the rest of us just relaxed more and worked on straightening up the house before it was time to take Gay and Don to the airport.  It was a sad good-bye, but we're already working on setting the date for another visit - this time with all eight of us!

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