Sunday, August 1, 2010

Willy Wonka at Town Theater

We were able to make it to Town Theater's production of Willy Wonka on Sunday afternoon after dropping Gay and Don at the airport.  It was good to have something to do to distract me from the sadness of their departure.  The play was wonderful and Olivia and McIver both loved it.  They had fun coming up with all the ways that the play is different from the movie and figuring out how the special effects would happen in a play.

With Willy Wonka at the reception after the play.

We went to the play as guests of Palmetto Richland hospital (a doctor appreciation event).  They had a reception after the play with tables and tables of candy and other sweet treats.

McIver was thrilled when he found out he could fill up a plate with candy; he kept telling everyone to take as much as they wanted 'because everything is FREE!'

They even had a strawberry-chocolate fountain with lots of goodies for dipping.  Notice McIver chose a sugar wafer rather than any of the fruit offerings.

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