Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Night Storm

Olivia and McIver went to Soccer Camp at school from 9-noon every day last week.  We hadn't been out there at all this summer and were pleasantly surprised to drive up to the gates and see all of the beautiful sunflowers.  I wish we could get up close to take a picture, but I'm afraid of the snakes that I'm sure live in the fields.

One of Olivia's friends was also doing a camp and came home with us on Monday.  They had not seen each other all summer and had a blast playing together.  She was there when the storm rolled in and blew out our electricity.  We pulled out the candles and moved our game of Pass the Pigs into the dining room where we had a little more light.  (McIver is just cheering; he's not actually touching the flame.)

We ended up powerless (read: without air-conditioning!) for 24+ hours.  SCE&G got an earful from us and all of our neighbors because we were the only houses in our area without power for so long.  Will had to drive around Monday night just so he could charge his cell phone.  He knew I'd freak out, but he told me anyway, that lights were already back on in the houses just one street over from us un either direction and at the top of our street.  Our house was eerily quiet Monday night - I could hear the children breathing and the cat walking across the floor.  It did not make for a restful night.

Since the power was still off on Tuesday afternoon, we headed to the pool.  This is what we saw when we pulled into the parking lot ... not good.

And, McIver spotted where the lightning struck this tree near the lake.

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