Sunday, August 22, 2010

McIver's 1st Overnight Camping Trip (*Updated)

McIver was invited to Hugh's7th birthday party last night.  The plan was to meet at the Birthday Boy's house at 4pm yesterday afternoon and then ride to Cook's Mountain for a cook-out and camping.  McIver had been looking forward to his first camping trip for several weeks - he packed a bag with binoculars, a change of clothes and his walkie talkies.  I went over the rules with him, most importanly, being a first-time listener.  Dads were invited to go, but Will left yesterday for a review course all next week in Los Angeles.  Hugh's dad, Tupp (McIver's godfather), and the dad of another friend from school who was also McIver's t-ball coach last year, were all there to supervise, along with Hugh's grandfather.  I knew McIver was in good hands and didn't worry one bit about him.

Here are the campers on their way to Cooks Mountain

Until ... just as I got in bed at 10:30, I got a call from Tupp.  McIver was throwing up. I asked Tupp to be sure he wasn't putting on a show to get attention, so he promised to call me back in a little while.  When he called back about 20 minutes later, Tupp assured me this was the real deal.  Cooks Mountain is a good half-hour away and I have never been there.  So, Hugh's mom ended up loading McIver into her car and bringing him home at midnight.  He went right to sleep and I woke him up at 10am.  He's been taking it easy and seems to be on the mend.

(For the record, I saw McIver's t-ball coach at a school get-together the other night.  He made a point of telling me how well-behaved McIver was at the camp-out.  And, I can assure you, he knows what mischief McIver is capable of having been his coach!)

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