Friday, August 6, 2010

Harrisons Visit the Lake

We were so glad that the Harrisons could join us at the lake for a night even though we invited them at the very last minute.  It was chilly and pretty rainy the last time we were there together so this visit was lots of fun.

Fun on the innertube.

Meg pulled her son on the tube while McIver rode the jet ski with her.  I got this shot and then Burch immediately slipped forward and fell into the water.  He was not a fan of the bumpy tube rides after that.

After a yummy dinner at home, complete with placecards thanks to the girls, we went for a cruise to Bomb Island to watch the purple martins.  The boys were all smiles.

The girls took over the seats up front.  They were really hamming it up for the camera.  This is just one of about 15 similar shots.

Finally, a picture of the mamas.

The Harrisons brought their dog, Haley, with them.  This was her first boat ride ... I think she's smiling!

Will gave McIver and Burch a chance to drive the boat.  McIver had just gunned it when I got this shot.  Burch is all smiles because he just found out he was going to get a turn, too.

Not real sure what McIver was pointing at, but felt like I needed photographic evidence of Will's presence for the week.

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