Wednesday, August 18, 2010

McIver's 1st day of 1st grade

McIver was pretty excited to start 1st grade.  There wasn't nearly as much build-up, though, as he had for kindergarten.  No new student orientation or home visit from his teacher.  But, he was glad to get the postcard last week with his class assignment.  We had seen Mrs. SuSu at The Pig over the summer, so he knew exactly who she was and he was EXCITED!

It turns out that Mrs. Hancock, McIver's associate teacher, owns Tex's sister.  McIver was thrilled to already have an 'in' with her and took her into the hallway this morning to confirm what I had told him.  He also told me he was 'pretty sure I found the thinking chair' out there.  Mrs. Hancock assured him that he won't have to spend much time there.  Little does she know...

McIver's first homework assignment is a "Me Bag."  He's supposed to choose three (and ONLY 3!) items that fit into the bag and bring them to school to share with the class.  Since he has lost a lot of teeth lately, he wrote this note to the ToothFairy:
Please bring my teeth back.

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