Sunday, August 15, 2010

St. Simons - Wednesday

We went down to the Village with Pop on Wednesday morning.  Olivia and McIver didn't really remember what it was like.  McIver was most interested in the shell shop where he found some 'treasure coins.'

They also played in the bubbles.  Every child who walks through the village is drawn to that bowl of bubble juice.  I'm pretty sure I have this exact picture from when Olivia was 4 and McIver was 2.

Olivia barely humored me to take this picture, but I got it.  

The lighthouse ... I couldn't convince the kids to climb to the top with me so we'll have that on our list for next time.

Of course, McIver struck up a conversation with a little boy fishing.  He told us he had caught at bull shark earlier that morning.  He even let McIver try to reel something in.

The only way to get McIver off the pier was to promise ice cream at ZuZu's.  The last time we were in St. Simons, we rode bikes to the Village and stopped at this same shop for ice cream.  When we walked out, Grandma Myrtle and Bob just happened to be pulling up.  We had no idea they were there, but had a good visit with them.  (I think that was before I started blogging, so I don't have any pictures handy.)


Didn't realize it, but the kids had a photo shoot in Nanoo & Pop's bathroom.  Apparently, they were impressed with the huge bathtub.

Interesting pose.

Cacoo tried to teach the kids how to find sand dollars.  We decided the tide was probably too high, though.

So, we came up with a game of "Sand Beach Golf" with a golf ball that we found in Nanoo's bag of beach toys.

For some reason, McIver was really interested in getting ALL the sand off his body before sitting down for a picnic.

Thursday morning:  Waking Cacoo up to say good-bye.

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