Tuesday, August 10, 2010

St. Simons - Saturday & Sunday

Most of our drive to St. Simons was clear, but we hit some serious rain the closer we got.  I mean, 35 mph on I-95 with hazard lights on rain.  Thankfully, the weather has improved since we've been here.

We started a game of Mexican Train once Nanoo, Pop and Cacoo arrived and got settled.  Olivia was not feeling too great at this point in the afternoon.  It turns out that she had some sort of little stomach bug that took her out for the rest of the evening.

I was so glad to get back to the beach.  McIver was way into building drip castles with me.  He built his into the side of the hole we dug and was so very proud of it.  He kept telling me who lived in each room and showing me how to build 'secret rooms' in my castle.  Love that boy's imagination ... most of the time.

My drip castle.

Cacoo and Olivia in the pool.

After dinner in the condo, McIver was ready to hit the pool again.  I took my magazine down and was just relaxing and listening to him talk with this little girl while I flipped pages.  At one point, I heard him say that he was at the beach with his grandparents and 'just my mom because my dad works in Hollywood.'  Are you kidding me!?  Where does he get this stuff?!

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