Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Olivia's 1st day of 3rd grade

It's so hard to believe that we're starting our second year in Columbia.  This is the second round of 1st Day of School pictures we have taken on our front steps.  

Tex was over the photo shoot by this point.

My attempt at not embarrassing Olivia by taking too many pictures.  She was so glad to be at a table with her good friend Maggie and two other friends from her 2nd grade class.  I think I restrained myself pretty well - I didn't even ask them to pose for me.

Today was a little bittersweet for me.  My absolute favorite teacher has always been Mary Louise Dukes, my 3rd grade teacher.  She was THE BEST - her granddaughter, Angie, and I were friends from both church and school.  Mrs. Dukes let us go to school with her for in-service to help set up her room, decorate her bulletin boards and get her classroom organized.   I learned today that Mrs. Dukes died and it has broken my heart.  She has been on my mind so much lately with Olivia starting 3rd grade.  I have such high hopes for Olivia this year and pray that she loves third grade as much as I did.  God has a new angel in Heaven tonight and I'm sure she's up there watching over all of the children who are starting school this week.

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