Monday, August 9, 2010

Overnight in Charleston

Will was a speaker for the SC Oncology Society meeting in Charleston on Friday night.  Since the children and I were heading to St. Simons to meet my family on Saturday, we decided to follow Will to Charleston and see the sights.  We were also excited to be staying at the Francis Marion Hotel which is right smack in the middle of downtown.  Unfortunately, the weather prevented us from being able to really take advantage of the hotel's location.

The rain was blowing sideways outside our hotel room window.

So, Olivia watched a movie on the MacBook.

And, McIver, of course, was plugged into his DSi.

Once Will returned from one of the conference sessions, the rain let up enough for us to venture out to the Battery.

McIver was impressed with the cannons, but was not happy when he realized he couldn't pick up a cannonball.

We saw one pontoon boat racing home on the water but the skies were full of lightning and rumbling thunder so we snapped a few more quick shots before heading back to find someplace for dinner.

They humored me with one more quick picture.  The kids were totally faking these smiles - I wanted to retake this picture because I could tell my hair was in my face, but there just wasn't time.

We had a quick dinner at a local pizza place and then headed back to the hotel to get to sleep.  Olivia and McIver had decided they wanted to sleep together in one of the double beds.  It took them quite a while to settle down; finally, after a serious threat from Will, they were quiet.  But, when we woke up, Olivia was on the floor at the foot of the bed on a pallet that she had made for herself.

Will got up and went to his session and left us in the room to get ready.  We walked around the farmers market in the park across the street.  They had all sorts of delicious fruits and vegetables along with pottery, sweetgrass baskets and other crafts.  McIver petted every dog that we saw.  I think the kids just wanted to hit the road to the beach, though, because they were not at all interested in checking out the different stands.  So, we said our goodbyes to Will and hit the road toward St. Simons.

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