Monday, August 16, 2010

Grove Park Inn

The SC OBGYN Society meeting was held at The Grove Park Inn in Ashville, NC last weekend.  After almost a week at the beach, the children and I drove from St. Simons to Columbia on Thursday morning.  We unpacked, repacked and waited for Will to get home so we could head to the mountains together.  The kids were troopers - they spent seven hours in the car on Thursday!

The lobby of the Grove Park Inn was beautiful.  Olivia and McIver couldn't believe the size of the fireplace!  The hotel staff told us that they don't light the fire until the outside temperature drops to 50 degrees.  It's a good thing - it was hot and steamy in the lobby, even with the doors open and no fire.

McIver was intrigued by all of the sayings written/etched into the stones around the fireplace.  He kept asking for us to read them, but some were philosophies that were a little above his (and my!) head.

Once we checked in and got settled, we took the shuttle to the hotel's outdoor pool.  Olivia and McIver swam for just a little while to get out some of that pent up energy from being in the car most of the day.  Then, we found a restaurant in the hotel to grab a quick bite to eat.  Turned out that dinner wasn't too quick so we ended up just going to bed after dinner.  Olivia knew that she was NOT going to be sleeping with McIver after her experience at the Francis Marion, so she was thrilled when she saw that Will had ordered a roll-away for her.  We all got a good night's sleep and were ready for a fun day on Friday.

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