Thursday, August 5, 2010

Week at the Lake

We didn't have anything going on in town this week so we decided to pack up and spend some time at the lake.  It doesn't take long for Tex to get in the water these days.  His tail starts wagging as soon as he realizes where we are, then jumps out of the car and darts around the house to the lake.  If no one is there to throw the dummy for him, he'll just plop into the lake and swim around.  When we got to the dock this time, there were a bunch of geese right in front of the dock.  I worried that Tex was going to end up chasing them into the middle of the lake, but the dummy was handy and distracted him enough to come back to the dock for more.

The geese really were not at all concerned about Tex.

Tex really reminds us of Murphy.  He loves, loves, loves the water.  He has figured out that if a jet ski is in his way, he can hop on the back of it and then push off to go after the dummy.

Happy kids in the lake!