Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer Waves/ St. Simons - Monday

We spent Monday at Summer Waves on Jekyll Island.  Before we left Columbia, I told Olivia and McIver that I remembered Cacoo and her friends going to a water park near St. Simons.  Pop remembered, too, and suggested that we go on Monday.  We all had a great day, but I was torn between taking pictures and participating in all the fun.  So, we only have a few pictures from our adventure to Summer Waves.

Cacoo, Olivia and McIver in the "Frantic Atlantic" - the waves were turned off when I took the picture, but we had a fun time fighting the waves when they were turned back on.

McIver found the 'squirt station' and cooled off while we ordered lunch.

Dippin Dots are high on everyone's list. (But, I could tell Olivia still wasn't quite herself because she asked the server to pour out half of her cup and then didn't finish what she had left.)


Cacoo and Olivia on one of the water slides.

When we got home and realized that Olivia wasn't feeling well, Pop offered to stay home with the kids (and watch the Braves game) while Nanoo, Cacoo and I went to dinner.  We went to the Crab Trap - an all-time favorite.  Pop obliged when we asked for a picture of the three of us.

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