Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Grove Park Inn - Friday

Will went to a few of the conference sessions on Friday morning and played golf in the afternoon so the children and I just took it easy.  We had a lazy morning in the hotel room and then went into town to a little bakery we saw on our way in to get some breakfast.  Afterwards, we met the hotel shuttle for a ride to the indoor pool.

McIver made himself at home on the front porch waiting for the shuttle.

The indoor pool was great - we had it all to ourselves for a good little while.  Then some older women came in to swim laps and made the children (and me) feel a little self-conscious about the loud laughing and having fun.  Apparently, swimming laps is serious business!

We had lunch at the outdoor pool, then got ready for a ride to Claxton Farms just outside of Ashville.  The event was organized by the SC OBGYN Society and was very kid-friendly.  They had frisbees, footballs, animals, tractors and good food.  The kids also had complete and total access to a soft drinks and took total advantage.  

Here's Olivia with Kaitlyn (the 4 year old in the middle) and another friend.  Kait is the daughter of a friend from Greenville.  She did not mind at all being the center of attention for 2 almost 9 year olds.

McIver immediately joined the big kids in the field playing football.  He was really hot and sweaty by the time the fire pit was ready for s'mores.

Will and I had so much fun catching up with old friends.  

Tiffany was in Will's residency class.  We did not throw the football one single time, but somehow managed to have it for a picture.

Anderson, Tiffany's husband, is a great friend.  They have a two year old little boy who was at home in Greenville for the weekend.  They also got a sneak peek into their life in four years thanks to McIver and his antics.

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