Tuesday, July 20, 2010


We had some time to kill in between our trip to Myrtle Beach and me taking the kids to Macon for a long weekend visit.  So, we found some ways to entertain ourselves...

The new exhibit at EdVenture, our children's museum, was put together by the Blue Man Group.  It was all about sound/soundwaves and music.  The kids breezed through the exhibit but had a good time.  I wish we had been able to explore it a little more.  Look at McIver; you can tell he's ready to dart to the next station.

Maybe they were in such a rush because I promised a trip to the TicToc Candy Shop on the way home.  McIver had not been before so he was thrilled!

I went to see a movie one night and came home expecting the children to be asleep.  Will and I were talking in the den and heard all kinds of ruckus upstairs.  Turns out that Olivia was playing hairdresser to McIver.  I couldn't help laughing...  This was actually early on - he ended up with pig tails and bows all over his head.

Then, when we went to bed, I had to get a picture of them in bed together.  So sweet!

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