Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nanoo's Birthday

We had grand plans to celebrate Nanoo's birthday.  It was a big one, but she wasn't too keen on making a big deal about it.  So, we kept it as low-key as an 8 year old possibly can.  We brought every single birthday decoration that we have ever used to Macon and decorated the gazebo down by Nanoo and Pop's pool.  It was hard for Nanoo not to see it, but she did a good job of being surprised for the kids.

Olivia worked hard on the decorations while McIver changed into his PJs.

Hanging out with Pop before supper.

SURPRISE!  Check out the misting fan in the background.  I thought I had the perfect gift for Nanoo, but she bought herself one about a week before we gave her our gift.  She's happy to have two, but I couldn't believe she would buy something for herself so close to her birthday!

Pepper is the funniest dog on earth!

Decorating the cake with every pirate, animal, etc. that we have ever had on a birthday cake.  They just knew Nanoo would love it.

And, she did!

We took Grandma Janet to run an errand at WalMart on Thursday morning.  The kids loved her walker with the built-in seat.  They could push her around the store ... and she could push them.  They had a blast and giggled the whole time we were in WalMart.  Afterwards, we took her to lunch at Moe's, everybody's favorite.

We also saw Grandma Myrtle when we first drove into town.  My cousin was putting together her new push lawn mower.  It was great to see both of them.  We had a late lunch at S&S Cafeteria.  I hate that I didn't get my camera out to catch the moment.

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