Monday, July 26, 2010

Surprise Visit with the Stricklins

This was the best non-surprise surprise I've had in my entire life.  Will tried to surprise me for my birthday with a visit from Gay & Don from Houston.  The surprise part just ended up happening about two weeks early.  I was still surprised AND had the bonus of two weeks worth of excitement looking forward to their arrival last Wednesday.

I was so proud of Olivia for thinking to grab my camera out of my pocketbook to snap a picture of Gay and me when we first saw each other in the driveway.

After a quick tour of our (not-so-new anymore) house and a cocktail, we headed to Mr. Friendly's, one of our very favorite restaurants.  Our waitress was happy to take our picture - we could not have predicted that she would be so happy that she would take a picture for each course!

Fried Green Tomato appetizer

Delicious salads

Main course

It was a delicious meal - one of many that we have enjoyed with the Stricklins ... and one of many that we enjoyed while they were here.  To be continued...

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Gay Stricklin said...

Love it that there is a "Stricklins" tag.
As predicted, Abby had a complete meltdown that we saw Olivia and she did not.