Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Celebrating RIBBIT

Each student in the Lower School has to earn RIBBIT by demonstrating that they know their math facts in front of the LS principal.  In an effort to motivate McIver who has to know his addition facts, I promised him a trip to Chuck E. Cheese when he earns RIBBIT.  Even though he knows the facts very well, he gets tongue-tied when it comes to answering the problems out loud.  Olivia earned RIBBIT on Thursday by answering multiplication problems.  She had been practicing out loud with me and playing games both on the computer and on her iTouch.  She was SO proud of herself and called me from school to give me the good news.  After she told me she got RIBBIT, she immediately said, "So what do I get!?"  

We had not come up with an incentive for her yet, so she took some time to think about it and decided that a 'mom and me' day with a friend was what she wanted.  So, she had a friend spend the night Friday night and I took them to get 'princess pedicures' on Saturday morning, followed by lunch at Hooligan's.

Emma Lea is in Olivia's class and had earned RIBBIT the same day, so it was a fun reward for both of them.  They even took their American Girl dolls along for the ride.

Waiting for their appointment time.  Good thing they both had their iTouches to kill the few minutes they had to wait.

The massage chairs (and the remote control) were a big hit.

It didn't take long for them to decide that O Magazine wasn't for them.  Olivia tried to look at a Glamour magazine but I snatched it out of her hands before she could ask me what some of the headlines meant!

Drying their nails under the ultraviolet lights.

Showing off their pedicures.  They chose the same base color but each got a different flower on the big toes.

Lunch afterwards at Hooligans.  Emma Lea's mom met us there so it was a fun last-minute lunch date for all of us.

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