Wednesday, March 23, 2011

McIver celebrating RIBBIT

McIver FINALLY earned RIBBIT yesterday!!  He called me from the Lower School office and told me it was time to plan our celebratory trip to Chuck E. Cheese.  When I asked him why, he reported that he had "answered every RIBBIT question (addition facts up to 9) and didn't even miss a single one."  For whatver reason, he had been nervous to go to the principal's office to try for RIBBIT.  I've quizzed him all school year and he has done so many pages of addition problems that I can't even count them.  I ran into his teacher last week and asked her what the deal was.  She assured me that he was ready, but she wasn't going to force him to go until he was ready.  Yesterday, he took the initiative and told her he was ready to go for it.

We went to CEC quite often in Houston because it was relatively convenient.  But, we have not been once since moving to Columbia because it is just too far away so that seemed like a good incentive.  McIver has invited a friend to come home from school with us on Friday and we'll head out there for an early dinner.

Pictures to follow!

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