Thursday, March 31, 2011

Olivia's Biography Report: QE1

Olivia had her 3rd grade biography report earlier this week.  She studied Queen Elizabeth 1 and took her study very seriously.  She decided to serve 'tea' to her classmates while she gave her report.  Since she wasn't sure everyone would like tea, she asked if she could bring in lemonade instead to go along with her lemon-glazed scones.  (I'm not sure that QE1 actually served scones - she certainly wouldn't have made them herself - but Olivia was excited so we went with it.)

Zesting the lemon.

Mixing the dough.

Giving her report to the class.  She had notecards and a 'fast facts' info sheet displayed on the smart board.  The dress was Cacoo's when she did a biography report on Princess Diana when she was in 3rd grade (Cacoo, not Diana).

To Olivia's credit - she practiced her report for me a few times yesterday while the scones were baking.  When I suggested that she might try telling QE's story in chronological order rather than jumping all over the place, she ran to get some new notecards and rewrote her entire report.  So proud of my girl!

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