Friday, April 1, 2011

Visit with the Grands

Nanoo came to town to see Olivia's biography report.  She had hoped to get to Mac's baseball game, but it was rained out.  Instead, she listened to him prepare for his biography report on Matthew Henson.  (He and Robert Peary, with the help of Inuit people and sled dogs, were the first people to get to the North Pole.)

GranGran and GranDaddy also came to town for a quick visit with Mamoo.  We all had dinner together at Cantina 76 - yum!

Poor Mamoo sat at the end next to McIver and got an earful about Pokemon cards.  (Sorry for the blurry shot - had to snap the picture quickly before Mac went back to his seat.)

Lots of Merritts

A server was kind enough to offer to take a picture so Nanoo could jump in, too.

Nanoo left from our house to go to the beach so she brought Pepper and Marley.  She had warned me that Marley had gotten big, but I had no idea that he was SOOOOOO big!!  Olivia got everyone's attention by holding up treats for them.  Keep in mind that Marley is only 8 months old in this picture, compared to Tex who is over 1 and Pepper who is 7.

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