Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend in Myrtle Beach

On our way to the Easter Egg Hunt at the Dunes Club

They love to ride the golf cart any chance they get.

Waiting for the hunt to begin ... The kids were separated by age so they didn't actually get to hunt in the same place which was probably a good thing.  There were three prize eggs in each age group with ToysRUs gift cards.  Neither of our children found the prize eggs ... another good thing.

Even though he didn't find a prize egg, he was happy with his loot.

The Easter Bunny was a big hit with Eliza.  She's the only baby I know who laughs and giggles and reaches out for the Easter Bunny to hold her.

Olivia was so happy running around like the Pied Piper with JuliAnna and Amelia.  They posed for several pictures for me.

After lunch in the dining room, we hit the beach.  Jane and her mom were kind enough to offer to move their beach chairs to the swash so I could keep an eye on McIver.  McIver loves catching fish with his net and even made friends with someone who offered to let him use their kayak.  He paddled around the swash for hours!

Olivia loves her godmother, Aunt Jane.  They trudged through the pluff mud together.

Amelia came to hang out with us for a little while, too.

We joined the Hudsons on the beach late in the afternoon.  They had brought loaves of bread to feed the sea gulls.  I'm thinking we'll have to do that next time because McIver had a ball!  Tex was pretty happy, too.

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