Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Weekend in Myrtle Beach

Olivia left a note for the Easter Bunny:
"Dear Easter bunny,
Can I have $50 or $100.  I want it for a electric scooter.
Olivia W Merritt
PS:  Please work your magic"

Even though I told her children don't typically write letters to the Easter Bunny like they do for Santa, she insisted it was okay.  I even pointed out that Santa gets letters much earlier so that he can plan accordingly.  She said that since she was just asking for money, it shouldn't be a problem.  Even though she didn't get the money that she had hoped for, she was pleased with her basket.  New PJs, a "Clemson Girls Love their Tigers" t-shirt, a t-shirt filled with peace signs, not to mention candy and a few eggs with some cash inside.

McIver was excited about his Cocky golf club cover.

Ginny invited several families over for a picnic lunch after church.  It was great to see everyone and have a chance to really visit with them.  And, to see their kids in action!  These girls climbed in, around and all over the golf cart.  Olivia and McIver each had a turn driving them in the golf cart, with adults riding, too.  We also saw the baby alligator who was hanging out in the pond on the 8th hold.

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Cita Online said...

I love all those Easter bows!!
What a cute letter to the Easter Bunny too...