Saturday, April 23, 2011


McIver's baseball team is doing pretty well this season.  They have lost one game and are having a great time.  During pre-game warm-ups this week, Mac was out in left field (literally, not figuratively this time!) and almost, allllllmost caught a pop fly.  He was so proud of himself for getting his glove on the ball and stopping it.  Several of his teammates, who didn't realize that I was there watching, yelled over to me later to tell me.  Apparently they were as surprised as McIver and I were!

A mom from his team shared some of that black stuff for under Mac's eyes so we had to take a picture of it when he got home.  He thought he was something else!

Check out that mop-top!  It's kind of hard to tell in this picture because this is post-game.  Mac doesn't want to get his hair cut until after baseball season.  (The season could last all the way through mid-May since his team is having such a good season.  It's a double-elimination tournament which doesn't even start until the beginning of May.)  I'm kind of digging the long-ish hair, so we may end up just getting it shaped up and trimmed rather than a 'summer cut.'  

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