Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Break 2011 at St. Simons

We had an awesome (and busy) spring break.  I took Olivia, her friend Mattie and McIver down to St. Simons on Friday after school to meet up with Nanoo, Pop, Cacoo and a slew of her friends.  Had an easy night Friday just getting settled.  It didn't take Olivia and Mattie long to get comfortable in the king-sized bed they shared until the Isemans' arrival on Monday.  McIver loved sleeping with me (and Tex) for a few nights.

First stop Saturday morning:  Target.  It was a bit chilly for the beach Saturday morning so we thought we needed some other form of entertainment ... hula hoops for the girls and (more) Pokemon cards for Mac.

We went back to the house to pick up Nanoo and ride the golf cart to the Village to have lunch at Brogens.

We had a little wait, so Nanoo and Pop took Mac down to the pier to check out the fishermen while Olivia, Mattie and I wandered around the shops.

The temperature finally rose so we packed up for the beach.  Check out those blue skies!!

Everyone immediately got busy digging and hunting for jellyfish.  Cacoo's friend told the kids that it's OK to touch the jelly-part of the jellyfish, so they took off collecting them before I had a chance to freak out and warn them not to.  Turns out she was right and we ended up with a giant pile of jellyfish bodies that went from three or four...  

... to a few more...

... and finally a huge pile of 45 or so jellyfish.  I can assure you that no one was stung AND that I was deemed worst mom on the beach even though ALL the kids wanted to hang out with us!

Mattie might not look like she's having all that much fun, but she was actually the first one to pick up the jelly body.

Mac also found a 'teeny, tiny, little crab.'

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