Friday, April 22, 2011

McIver's Poster Project

McIver's teachers have had each student in the class do a Special Assignment each week since the start of school.  McIver comes home on Monday with his SA binder, a new book and a list of questions to answer about the book.  There is also a rubric which the students use to be sure the work is done well each week ... Did I use my best handwriting?  Did I use correct punctuation and complete sentences?  Did I write my name and date on my paper?  It has been a great way to teach Mac how to use his time wisely and spread the work out over the course of the week rather than waiting to do it all on Thursday night.  I have loved seeing his progress.

The last few Special Assignments have had a new element.  One week they had to do a biography and dress up as their subject while presenting their reports to the class.  They have also done a project in-class with notecards and posters.  For the at-home poster project this time around, Mac chose a book called Tricks with Bikes.

Hard at work on the title of his book with 'bold/block print letters.'

I walked away and came back to find him in this position.

All dressed for baseball, but using his time wisely until it's time to leave for the game.

Gratuitous picture of Tex with his ear flipped back.

The final poster:

So proud of his hard work!

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