Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Masters *new picture*

Will and I left the kids at the beach with Nanoo (Pop had already gone back to Macon on Tuesday to get back to work) on Thursday morning.  Some friends from Houston, the Butlers, were on their way to Columbia to stay with us and go to the Masters.  We took them to dinner at Mr. Friendly's on Thursday night and introduce them to the deliciousness that is their filet topped with pimento cheese.

Cameras are not allowed on the course, which just SLAYED me, because we were able to go inside the clubhouse, pro shop and some other behind-the-scenes areas with the Butlers.  So, these are the only pictures we have ...

In the parking lot heading into the tournament on Friday morning.

We spent a good part of the afternoon on Friday on the 4th hole and were able to see a bunch of the more interesting players come through.  There weren't a whole lot of exciting putts until we were back in the same spot on Saturday.  We actually ended up seeing Freddie Couples birdie #4, 15 and 16.

After the tournament on both days, we went to Ashley and Mark's house for a visit.  I didn't get to see Helen Randall, but we had a great time catching up with Ashley and Mark.  Ashley was a great hostess and had the perfect table set up with some delicious post-Masters snacks for us.

Stacey, Scott and Will went back to the tournament on Sunday with Mark.  I was back on child-duty and met Nanoo just outside of Augusta to pick up the kids.  Olivia and Mattie seem to have had a great time together during Spring Break.  We dropped Mattie off and then headed home to get the kids unpacked.

I watched the Masters from the comfort of my new living room sofa and wondered where Will was watching.  I hoped he was in the stands on the 15th hole because a lot of the great shots of the day could be seen from there.  Turns out, they had all been on #10 when Rory started to crash.  Then they headed inside and watched the rest of the tournament from the air-conditioned comfort of the clubhouse.

Will wanted to keep all of these goodies from this year's Masters, but I convinced him to let me take a picture and then toss them.  The pairings sheet, tournament book, breakfast menu from the clubhouse (where we ate Saturday morning) and swizzle sticks from our Azalea (a drink you can only get from the clubhouse bar - yes!  we were something else!).

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