Monday, May 2, 2011

Another Day at the Lake

We had a busy, busy morning on Saturday ... final baseball game of the regular season at 9am and Olivia's soccer game at noon.  On our way off the soccer field, Olivia invited a friend to come to the lake with us for the afternoon.  The Isemans also joined us.  Will put the pontoon boat back in the water and we headed for the Rusty Anchor for a late afternoon snack.

These precious baby ducks paddled over to the Rusty Anchor docks.  Some nice people on a boat near us shared their bread with the kids so they could feed the ducks.

Cool dude.

What a shot of Tex!!

The Isemans stopped on their way to the lake to pick up some crickets.  They were a huge hit with the fish and I think every child caught something.

One last jet ski ride before taking them out of the water.  So glad that Will is confident enough to wear my pink life vest!

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