Sunday, May 15, 2011


First Citizens won their game on Thursday night (after the field trip to Swan Lake and before Olivia's chorus concert).  McIver had a great game in that he really stayed engaged and focused.  He got on base and listened well to his base coaches.  There was one play where he really, REALLY wanted to run from 2nd to third, but he held his spot and ended up scoring a run during the next play.

They won again Saturday morning beating the other team 13-8.  Typically, McIver is pretty listless when he's playing catcher.  He doesn't normally get up and go after foul balls or pitches that don't actually land in his glove.  Today, though, he popped up and went after a foul ball.  It was out of his reach, but I was proud that he went for it.  He also managed to stop quite a few pitches and had fun behind the plate because he was really engaged in the game.  He also got two good hits when he batted, but wasn't able to outrun the throw to first.

First Citizens aka The Gators after the win on Thursday

Serious concentration!

We're still in the tournament and have another game on Monday.  If we (they!) win on Monday, then they'll play in the final playoff game on Saturday morning.  They'll be playing the team that beat them twice before.  Both times, we could easily have won, but the infield got carried away trying to stare down runners and ended up throwing the ball away and allowing runs to be scored.  If they can stay focused and keep their heads in the game, they really could win the championship.

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