Monday, May 9, 2011


Sometime around mid-week last week, Will asked McIver if he'd be interested in going to Darlington to see his first NASCAR race.  McIver jumped at the chance.  Will had tried to get some other dads/sons to go with them, but it was just too last minute.  So, they pressed on, bought their tickets and loaded up on Saturday after the baseball game.  (McIver's team won so they're still in the play-offs.)  I sent Will with the camera and am so proud of him for getting so many great shots.

In front of a 'real' race car on the way to the track.

Look!  Will even asked someone to take their picture because he knew I'd want one of the two of them.  That's pit road behind them... and McIver already has a new t-shirt on (Hendrick Motor Sports, if you must know).

Another shot of them together in the stands.  They were about 4 rows from the bottom.  Will sent a text telling me how loud it was and that Mac was on Sensory Overload.  I was worried that it was too loud for him, but Will wrote back and told me it was "sensory overload in a good way."

No worries ... he had his headphones and radio scanner so he could keep up with the action.

Playing Angry Birds and waiting for the race to begin.

Will's teaching our boy right ... #3 for Dale Earnhardt.

Will managed to get a shot with a car in the background.

Even though they didn't stay until the end of the race, they both had a great time.  McIver tried to tell us about it this morning, but finally threw his hands up and said 'there's just so much to tell.'  We've gotten bits and pieces out of him all day long.  They're already making plans to go back next year!

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