Saturday, May 28, 2011

3rd Grade South Carolina Day

The 3rd grade studies South Carolina during the second half of the school year.  They learned about native animals, history, the state bird/drink/dog/flower, etc. and created a South Carolina ABC book.  South Carolina Day is their chance to showcase their work.  Parents are invited to the classrooms where we also saw a quick play about the respiratory and circulatory systems.  Olivia really was more into it than she looks in this picture.  

Olivia thought it was hilarious that she's as tall as her teacher.

Since it was SC Day, the students were allowed to wear non-uniform shirts IF they related to South Carolina.  Olivia was thrilled to be able to wear her "Clemson Girls love their Tigers" short.  Her buddy's shirt says "Carolina Girls love their Gamecocks."  They thought they were something else!

After a lunch featuring foods from South Carolina (our contribution was boiled peanuts!), the students sang several songs about South Carolina.  

One last picture on the last day of school with Mrs. Clarke, the associate teacher.

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