Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mothers Day 2011 (continued)

I LOVE my Total Pillow!  Olivia bought it for me using her own money (received from the Easter Bunny) on a recent trip to Target.  I don't think Will appreciates it yet, but he will be begging for it on our next road trip when he's trying to nap in the car!

Lots of love from McIver on Mothers Day...

A portrait.  His teacher told me that he started out with just the portrait of me, but then decided to add the family portrait behind it because he knows how much I love to have pictures of our family.

"My mom is special because she buys me pokemon.  I love it when my mom cook her fabyles (fabulous) pizza.  She makes me laugh when she tickles me.  My favorite thing about my mom is her reiding Harry Potter. My mom rocks a lot!"

This is also quite special because I can tell how much effort he put into using his very best handwriting.  Not sure about all of the things he wrote - I haven't actually bought him pokemon in a long time (I have taken him to Target and let him spend his own money!) and I can't remember ever making pizza,  much less 'fabyles' pizza.  Still, it makes me happy to know that reading Harry Potter is special to him because I am loving the 5th book right now!!

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