Thursday, May 26, 2011

End of Year for the Marvelous Mallards

It was so much fun to be the Room Mom for McIver's Marvelous Mallard class this year.  His teachers were just so much fun to work with and such a great fit for McIver.  I found this great idea for a group teacher gift ...  Each student decorated a paper flower envelope for each teacher and sent in a gift card for a store/restaurant.  I stuck the flowers into a mosquito plant (which smells SO good - or maybe it's just the thought that they'll actually keep those pesky mosquitos away!) and we gave one to each teacher.  They were completely overwhelmed by the gift and loved seeing how each flower was decorated.

The Marvelous Mallards!

The last day of school ... one last picture with Mrs. SuSu and Mrs. Hancock

Look how happy he is!  He loves those ladies so much ... and loves that he 'won' the Most Tech Savvy Award this year.

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