Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Johnston Family Reunion

The descendants of Mamoo's grandfather held their annual reunion (I think it was the 44th reunion!) last Sunday in St. George, South Carolina.  Will was on call, but I knew having us be there would mean so much to Mamoo so the children and I rode down with her Sunday morning.  When we arrived, we signed in under Mamoo's father's name along with many of Mamoo's nieces and nephews, Ginny, Jimmy and Jimmy's brother, Bobby and his wife, Faye. 

Mamoo found a seat by the fountain and 'held court.'  She loved being back in the town where she grew up and surrounded by her family.

McIver had a ball playing basketball, running around the yard and introducing the little boys (distant cousins) to Pokemon.  Olivia stuck pretty close to me, but everyone enjoyed the fried chicken and picnic lunch.
Mamoo with Ginny (Will's mom), a cousin whose name I can't recall, Mamoo's nephew Tommy, and Will's Uncle Bobby

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