Sunday, May 8, 2011

"Reading is a Treat"

I helped with the school book fair last week.  The money raised supports the library and the visiting authors that come to school each semester.  Our school librarians are the bomb and really take the time to help the children find books that interest them.  Our theme this year was "Reading is a Treat."

The 3rd grade art club made the sign for us. They drew candy wrappers all over the sign and even glued some (clean) wrappers to it, too.

How cute are those lollipops!?

I borrowed the cupcake idea from my college friend Hillary.  Her mom made them for her as Christmas decorations a few years ago and I remembered seeing the pictures on Facebook.  After several trips to Lowe's, we were quite pleased with the final product.  Too bad some of the students thought the gumballs (that were HOTglued to the insulation on the top of the cupcakes) were for them.  We ended up with lots of little white marks where the paint peeled off.  The 'candies' on the doors are frisbees wrapped in cellophane and tied with curling ribbon.

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