Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Big Canoe - Winter Break

Saturday morning mani/pedis while the dads played golf.

Olivia & Maggie were not happy about going to the playground - they had planned to stay in their PJs all day long but we made them get dressed.  Such mean moms!  Anyway, they recovered and ended up having a good time.  We climbed the giant hill across the street from the playground and headed to the lake.

McIver LOVED climbing the hill and then running and rolling back down.

We found a giant stick so everyone did the limbo.

Never mind the bar set-up, check out all of the sprinkles we had to make a 'love train' for Valentine's day.  Will's godparents gave us a train-shaped cake pan a few years ago for Christmas.  It makes nine different 'cars' so each child was able to decorate her (or his) own train with frosting, icing, M&Ms and sprinkles galore.

Cake decorating is serious business.
Almost finished...

McIver got in on the action, too.

Fun with icing.

McIver channeled Hugh Hefner and ate his dessert in his bathrobe.

I'd say the love train was a big hit (and kept everyone occupied for a good little while in the afternoon).

Will challenged the dads to have one of their big toenails painted.  The dad who has the most polish left when we get together at the end of the school year wins bragging rights.  Olivia & Maggie thought the idea was just hilarious and were beyond eager to get to the daddy pedis.

Fun times...

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