Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Unpacking at Lake Murray

When Will's parents started renting out the lake house, Mamoo and Papa packed up all of their personal items and have kept them in their attic.  Now that the renters have moved all of their belongings out, we have moved some boxes out of Mamoo's attic and back up to the lake.  Last weekend was the first chance we've had to get up to the lake to get them unpacked and see what we've got.  Here are a few of our finds...

This awesome guacamole and chip platter complete with the recipe.

A Hamilton Beach "Drinkmaster."

The Dazey Sharpit knife sharpener.

A percolator (which we have NO idea how to use).

Olivia invited two friends to spend the night with us since McIver was busy at the 1st grade camp out at school (in the POURING rain!).  You can see from the wallpaper, that the appliances pictured above go right along with the decor of the house.

Some Greco-Roman glasses (I LOVE these!).

They even packed up some cleaning and baking supplies.

I wonder if I could sell some of these items to the set design crew for Mad Men!?

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