Sunday, December 9, 2007

Appendectomy update

The kids and I started yesterday off with Breakfast in Bethlehem at church, then rode the train down to the hospital to see Will. Olivia and McIver have only ridden the train a few times so they thought that was pretty fun ... I was glad to save $20 on parking! We left there hoping that Will would be coming home today, but that was not to be.

Dr. Wallace saw Will this morning and seemed concerned that he get a few more rounds of IV antibiotics before going home. Apparently, the area was pretty infected and we've already heard more than our share of horror stories, so we'll happily follow his advice. So, after church this morning, the kids and I rode the train again to the hospital. Will is no longer hooked up to the IV except for when he's actually getting the antibiotics so he's much more mobile now. He even walked downstairs to the train with us and to get ice cream from McDonalds.

We've got our fingers crossed that Will will be home before the kids get home from school tomorrow!

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